Upholstery Cleaning London

upholstery cleaningUpholstered furniture comes in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes. Whether it’s sofas, couches, armchairs, padded stools, mattresses or any other type of non-leather piece of furniture, they all require special cleaning attention and a delicate touch.

In most cases, upholsteries are made of sensitive and demanding fabrics and materials which don’t handle staining and conventional cleaning methods too well. If you have upholstered furniture that has sustained heavy staining, we strongly urge you to refrain from using homemade cleaning solutions which will likely cause more damage such as discolouration, fading or even tearing.

In all instances, the costs associated with upholstery repair or reupholstering will surely outweigh the price of professional upholstery cleaning so don’t risk your furniture’s good looks and properties and let us deal with this delicate cleaning requirement in the most professional manner with no risk of damage. As always, our upholstery cleaning service is performed by specially trained professional cleaners that will go about each job delicately and attentively. They will assess the level and type of soiling sustained by the upholstery and based on the particular fabric or material will determine the most appropriate and sparing way to clean it.

Some people might be reluctant to consider professional upholstery cleaning as it appears that upholsteries don’t see the same amount of use as the carpet for example, but we would like to clarify that upholsteries accumulate and retain the same amount of dust, pollen and bacteria as any piece of fabric across the room. Further, a piece of upholstered furniture is in daily contact with the human body and receives a good dose of dead skin cells, body oils and odours, hairs etc. combine these with the usual kitchen and pet smells inside the house and you got yourself a serious cleaning requirement. Our crews are well prepared and equipped to perform all upholstery cleaning on site. We use professional grade cleaning equipment and systems so there will be no need to take the upholstered furniture to another location. Our equipment allows for upholstery cleaning of furniture of all sizes.