Ironing London

Ironing LondonIroning is one of the essential house chores but one that is also quite annoying and time consuming especially if you are not too good with the iron and the whole ordeal amounts to hours of ironing work.

The tricky nature of ironing, along with the little free time people have are enough to make you want to delegate this technical and tedious housekeeping chore to someone else and there is nothing wrong with that, as our professional ironing service will rid you of this annoying chore and give you some extra free time on the weekend.

Our top quality, attentive ironing service is the most efficient and cost effective solution you need.

We work with highly qualified house maids with plenty of prior experience. The cleaning maids are fully vetted and have passed all the necessary police and security background checks, if necessary they will present a valid ID upon arrival to your property. The house maids will go about the ironing tasks with all due care and attention expected by professionals. They will work quickly and efficiently and be out of your hair before you know it. Our ironing service is competitively priced and customers are enjoying the high quality results as well as the reasonable service costs.

The service is a great standalone offer when you need the job done quickly and properly, for extra value for money and greater service coverage our customers can order the ironing in combination with another of our quality domestic services. The ironing service is available for booking on a regular basis too, we can organise the ironing on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your personal preferences and requirements. The service is also a great convenience, as all ironing work is done on site, there will be no need to take the clothing or fabrics to another location. Our cleaning maids can do the ironing with customer provided equipment in order to deliver the expected results every time. If necessary the maids will follow specific customer provided instructions for sensitive garments that need special ironing attention.