Gardening London

gardening LondonMost people would consider gardening to be hard work, even unnecessary in some cases. Gardening is also an ongoing task that requires a certain amount of expertise and knowledge and if you don’t feel up to it or simply don’t enjoy getting your hands dirty in the backyard we will be happy to deal with those gardening chores for you in a professional and efficient manner with the least amount of cost and additional hassles.

Our gardening service is quite comprehensive and inclusive of a range of different gardening tasks though without the hefty price tag.

Depending on the size of your garden and the specifics of your service request we will send a number of garden technicians in order to get all the tasks done within the agreed amount of hours with no extra cost or delay. All of our garden technicians are well trained professionals with plenty of prior experience and technical knowledge. They have been trained in the safe and efficient use and application of a range of manual and power garden tools and equipment in order to deliver quick, proper results with no risk of damage or injury.

We work with a number of gardening experts who can handle a high number of gardening tasks from basic ones such as lawn mowing, weeding and watering to specific, technical tasks such as lawn care, tree maintenance and planting. Our gardening crews will also expertly handle regular garden chores like mowing, whipping, pruning, weeding and disposing of garden debris. We understand that most households would like to have a better looking, healthier lawn, but the high costs associated with lawn maintenance can be a problem. Our lawn experts can revive your lawn at a fraction of the cost and bring it back that much loved, luscious green look without costing you a small fortune. We also work with highly qualified arborists who will be able to asses and determine whether or not the trees on your property are growing healthy and safely as sick or rotting trees can be a serious danger to people living there.