Curtain Cleaning London

curtain cleaning LondonPre party and after party cleaning is quite important since you want to leave a good impression with your guests but in most instances people either don’t have the time to prepare the house for the party or the morning after is too hard and the last thing the hosts need is to deal with the party aftermath.

Our party clean up service is the perfect solution to your after party cleaning issues, our cleaning crews will have the place looking fresh and clean in a matter of hours while you kick back and recuperate from the night before.

The party clean up service covers all rooms and areas of the house as mess, bottles, cups, cigarette buds and all sorts of discarded items can be found all over the place. Before commencing the actual cleaning process our crews will collect and dispose of all empty bottles, cans and food leftovers. They will collect and wash all the used dishes and cutlery and then move on to cleaning, sanitizing and polishing all tables, bench tops and food prep areas. All floors will be vacuumed, mopped and polished to a perfect finish.

If necessary we will send not just one or two but a team of well prepared and sufficiently equipped cleaners in order to have the job done in the shortest time possible with the best possible results. Naturally, the cleaners will pay extra attention to the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet as these areas see a lot of action during a good party. Should our customers want us to pay special cleaning attention to any other rooms of the house, please let it be known and we will take care of it with no extra fuss. Again, the party cleaning service can be booked as pre party cleaning or after party cleaning, depending on your requirements. The party clean up service runs seven days a week, with advanced service bookings and short notice appointments also available at no extra cost. Free quotes and flexible or odd hour appointments are also available for your convenience.