Carpet Cleaning London

carpet cleaningMany homes are fitted with carpets as they are a practical and relatively affordable alternative to hard floors. There are many different types of carpets available on the market, some are made of natural fibers others synthetic. One characteristic common to all carpets, even the most expensive ones, is that they require professional cleaning attention at least twice during the year as this is the only proven and effective way to keep them clean, fresh and free of bacteria.

All carpets fitted throughout the house are subjected to daily use and won’t take long before they start looking dirty and worn.

Conventional carpet cleaning as well as replacing the carpet are hardly the most economical ways to deal with dirty carpets, but professional carpet cleaning is. We can provide our customers with top quality, professional carpet cleaning without the usual high costs associated with this highly technical service. Our carpet cleaning technicians are properly trained professionals with a high level of technical expertise and sufficient prior experience, they can achieve exceptional results on even the most dirty and soiled of carpets. Please bear in mind that carpets which have sustained considerable amount of chemical or mechanical damage cannot be treated as this may only further the damage.

The cleaning crews will review the type and condition of the carpet, assess the level and nature of the staining and soiling and in turn determine the most appropriate way to clean the carpets. As expected, the cleaning process commences with a detailed vacuuming meant to remove any large bits and pieces of dirt and debris. Next, the cleaners will apply a special cleaning solution known as carpet shampoo, which cleans deep inside the carpet, near the base layer, where lots of bacteria are found. In some instances of stubborn staining, the cleaners might suggest steam cleaning of the carpet as well. The cleaning process is completed by another detailed vacuuming and drying of the carpets. The drying time depends on the relative humidity and temperature inside the house, but usually carpets will be ready to walk on in a few hours.